Nomad Cook; /ˈnōˌmad / ko͝ok / – a travelling chef with no kitchen of their own. Someone who uses the power of food to bring people together and create conversation. Environmentally conscious, lover of organics and promoter of infused cooking


Founder & Chef

Travis Petersen is a West Coast native, born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. Recognized as one of the leading Cannabis Chefs in Canada, Chef Travis has served thousands of people their first infused dining experience and is a pioneer in bringing infused dining out from the underground and into the mainstream.


The Nomad Cook’s goal is to be a pioneer in the culinary cannabis space and help introduce the masses to the newest frontier in the culinary world; Infused Dining. Our mission is to break old stigmas and show that when handled responsibly and with confidence that cannabis can enhance your dining experience, whether it features THC, CBD or Terpenes. Cannabis infused dining opens up the conversation at the dinner table and puts guest in a comfortable place to share with others. While attending a Nomad Cook event, you may come for one reason or another but will leave with a total experience that hits on all notes. Our ambience is set with live music that gives that extra edge to the evening. The Nomad Cook’s recipes come from a method that promotes the original terpene of the strain used in the dish. We want to highlight those smells and flavours that one gets from a fresh cut flower and not mask it away to hide the bitter decarbed taste.


There are a couple ways to go about booking a private dinner party with our chef. You can either wait until one of our Chefs are in your city to book for dinner party (saving on any travel or accommodation charges) or you can prebook us specifically to come to you (travel & accommodation charges apply).

For Private Dinner parties, menus are created after a consultation with the host. All Dietary & Allergy restrictions can be accomodated.

Nomad Cook Pop Up events are held every month in cities across Canada. Events are held at private locations and guests are notified where, on the morning of the event once their ticket has been purchased.

Events are age gated depending on each province’s legal age requirement.

Guests are dosed separately based on their own individual tolerance level. Options for CBD only & no Cannabis are also available with prior notice.

Cannabis is sourced from the legal distribution networks from within each province.

All ingredients are locally sourced, Non-GMO and organically grown.

For Pop Up Events, Dietary & Allergy restrictions can be accommodated in most cases with prior notice.

For Recipe Creation our Chef’s use the Cedeno Method for all infusions (a passive decarb process that focuses on precious cooking with exact temperatures under each terpenes evaporation point.


Does every dish have cannabis in it?
Each Dish will have a minimum dose of THC in it, unless the guest has indicated they want CBD only or no cannabis. Whether it is thc or terpenes, we will feature a different strain and tell its story through the food. Our teas, mocktails and juices featured cbd to help create the overall entourage effect of the plant.
How are the quantities in each dish regulated?
Whether it’s your first time ingesting cannabis or if you’re an everyday user, we custom tailor the amount of cannabis each guest will have. The Nomad Cook’s goal is to make sure each guest has the same great experience.
How stoned will I be after the meal?
The goal of any Nomad Cook event is to hit that perfect medium for each one of our guests. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed before sending you home for a great night’s sleep
Will I have the munchies after I've eaten a five-course meal?
One of our top asked questions! Our menus are tailored perfectly to fulfill each guest’s appetit. Most guests find they leave full and ready to “Netflix” without the craving for munchies. However if there’s an ice cream shop across the street, we have no control over your biggest weakness.